Three reasons to fall for the white shirt

Published on Sunday 29 September 2019
A new twist takes hold of this timeless classic
Three reasons to fall for the white shirt

If the women’s and men’s wardrobe share a common piece of clothing, it is undoubtedly the white shirt. Sober, classic, timeless... it does not lack of qualities — proof is with three good reasons to fall for it all over again.



For its versatile side

Equally appropriate for the office or the city, the white shirt can even be worn as a tunic over a swimsuit (an idea to keep in mind when preparing your next sea getaway)…


Kilometre Paris shirt, 640 euros.





Because it is adorned with unique details


Good news, the white shirt is no longer limited to an immaculate sobriety. On the contrary, the brands compete with imagination to adorn them with a discreet print (such as the Monaco Marine - merci la mer shirt from ​​the new men's collection), or unexpected cuts for women’s designs.


Monaco Marine - merci la mer shirt, 195 euros.




Molli blouse, 300 euros.




For its innate elegance


There is no doubt that the white shirt speaks for itself. Perfect for enhancing a casual chino or dress up a printed skirt, it is a privileged ally to counter a lack of stylistic inspiration .


J Cricket shirt, 546 euros.




De Bonne Facture shirt, 313 euros.