The sweatshirt, a wardrobe staple

Published on Monday 30 September 2019
Why this sportswear essential became a basic
The sweatshirt, a wardrobe staple

Born in the United States in the 1920s, the sweatshirt became a worthy successor to woolen sweaters, which athletes wore while exercising their discipline, although it was inconvenient. Thirty years later, already was worn by many students from some of the most renowned American universities, who personalized it with flocking techniques, before it reaching its finest hour in the 1980s.


What about today? Thanks to the sportswear trend, the sweatshirt found its way into the fashion world. And it all starts with Monaco Marine - merci la mer, which designed a sober and minimalist version of the sweatshirt for its first collection. The idea? To offer a cozy and light model with a straight cut, which fits into the ideal Mediterranean wardrobe, as it can be slipped over a swimsuit or to warm up while heading at sea. A word to the wise…


Monaco Marine - merci la mer sweatshirt, 118 euros.

Available in blue, red and white.