Why blue is the color of the moment

Published on Friday 01 November 2019
Focus on a timeless color
Why blue is the color of the moment

Both soothing and timeless, the color blue is everywhere. From an indigo to a sky blue or a Klein blue, many designers have decided to make it their favorite color. We unveil our three good reasons to wear it.


Because it reminds us of the ocean

The sea, its turquoise blue and azure reflections... Needless to say, we immediately associate blue with the color of the Mediterranean so why not choose to wear it on a daily basis? As a gentle reminder of the holidays and summer, this color can evoke the waves and the rising tide on a Molli ensemble, or remind us of the sailor's outfit with a sweater from La Paz.


Molli top, 312,50 euros. Molli skirt, 425 euros.

La Paz sweater, 155 euros.





Because it goes with everything

Softer but as elegant as black, navy blue is one of the rare colors that can easily go with all the others. Mixed with black, burgundy or white, it will add a touch of style to your fall wardrobe... Among the season's essentials: a Molli knitted mid-length skirt and a Monaco Marine - merci la mer adorned with fine stripes.


Molli skirt, 387,50 euros.

Monaco Marine - merci la mer shirt, 195 euros.






Because it helps transitioning to a new season

Between its comfortable texture and its print which subtly reminds us of the sea, the Monaco Marine - merci la mer sweatshirt embodies the ideal piece to transition from the end of the summer to the freshness of the mid-season. We advise you to leave your shorts, skirt or bermuda behind and mix it with straight pants and a pair of white sneakers.


Monaco Marine - merci la mer sweatshirt, 118 euros.