At sea with Sease

Published on Saturday 22 December 2018
The label unveils a line of new generation outdoor clothing
At sea with Sease

It was time to give a new twist to outdoor clothing! Thanks to Sease, an Italian brand founded by brothers Franco and Giacomo Loro Piana, it is now achieved. The label is named after the combination of two words, "sea" and "ease". Fond of skiing and sailing, its founders wanted to create outdoor clothing featuring innovative shapes, technical materials and durable production methods.


"We craft kits that allow us to live our passion to the fullest, the first being dedicated to sailing and skiing. In order to do so, we offer six to eight versatile pieces of clothing. Both sturdy and high-performance, they allow you to indulge in your favorite sport regardless of the season", they explain. A technical wool and nylon jacket to protect from the sea breeze, a backpack that can hold every useful accessory, or a well-cut chino to transition from city to nature… It’s hard to imagine a more complete wardrobe.


Moreover, Sease is also compelled to promote environmental-friendly methods of production. Because they mostly craft outdoor clothing, the Loro Piana brothers wanted to work with partners who support and respect nature. It translates into limiting their carbon footprint by crafting their designs in Italy, or using natural and biodegradable fibers such as wool and linen.