Odeeh’s experimental wardrobe

Published on Monday 11 February 2019
The Berlin-based brand does modern and feminine designs
Odeeh’s experimental wardrobe

Odeeh was born in 2008, when two longtime friends joined forces to start their own brand. The idea? To design eclectic collections honoring couture-worthy crafting techniques. Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlich, the label’s founders, had respective experiences in famous luxury houses and decided to design pieces together — one draws while the other comes in later in the creative process.


Driven by a quest of perfection, they conceive garments that can be worn together or separately; among their go-to styles, classic printed blouses, straight trousers cut in precious fabrics, or dresses highlighted by a neat pleating.


In any case, their designs rely on the craftsmanship of their ateliers, which are based in Germany. They feature precious fabrics from Italian artisans, sometimes mixed and matched, as well as innovative shapes — making it a contemporary wardrobe with an assumed luxury vibe.