Jane Birkin’s wicker basket

Published on Tuesday 23 July 2019
A timeless piece that can be worn day or night
Jane Birkin’s wicker basket

Is it the fact that she wore it on the set of "The Swimming Pool" that initiated Jane Birkin’s love story with her iconic wicker basket? In any case, the years following the film’s release gave her the occasion to make it her ultimate fashion accessory — thanks to her, it even became acceptable to sport it day or night.


Diving in the archive photographs of Jane Birkin from the 1970’s is enough to realize that the actress and singer didn’t hesitate to take her basket everywhere. She was seen with it at the Cannes Film Festival in 1974, when she mixed it with a silver dress and matching heeled sandals, or in the streets of Saint-Tropez matching it with simple jeans and a white t-shirt.





In 2019, the wicker basket has lost none of its charm: brands even decided to create designs freely inspired by Jane B.’s, such as this design from Kilometre Paris. Embroidered with our motto « Merci la mer », it is the worthy heir of its predecessor — with more practicality, thanks to the flexibility offered by its weaving.


Kilometre Paris basket, 115 euros.