Three golden rules for an unforgettable bike ride on the Côte d’Azur

Published on Thursday 06 June 2019
From your outfit choice to the best itinerary
Three golden rules for an unforgettable bike ride on the Côte d’Azur

Since it was invented at the beginning of the 19th century, the bicycle has not lost an ounce of popularity — it even embodies the ideal eco-friendly mode of transportation. With breathtaking views and a sunny scenery, the Mediterranean coast is a perfect playground to indulge in bike rides. We thought summer season was the perfect time to compile our three golden rules for a perfect time.



Plan an appropriate outfit


A bike ride has to be a comfortable moment. In case of a day-long outing, we recommend to skip sandals, skirts or wide dresses, and opt for simpler clothing — which does not prevent from an elegant figure.


The ideal look? A striped shirt/pant duo paired with sneakers… and a Stiebich & Rieth x Monaco Marine bag, which can hold a camera, sunglasses and bottled water.


Odeeh striped t-shirt, 249 euros. Odeeh wide pants, 399 euros.

Stiebich & Rieth for Monaco Marine bag, 1 620 euros.






Choose the right bicycle


Electric or traditional? This choice might depend on how you want to use your bike. But if you want to get on it to explore the coast, you must be aware that it features relief and steep incline.


Our advice? Choose a Velorapida model, which combines the latest technology with Italian elegance. The brand has come up with a custom-made bicycle for Monaco Marine, which is ideal for summery getaways — especially knowing that it is equipped with a battery.





Plan your itinerary


Or let yourself guide with a marked out circuit! The Eurovelo 8, the Méditerranée bicycle ride, links together Spain to Greece while going through France, Italy or Montenegro. The French part follows the coast through the towns of Narbonne, Béziers, Sète, Draguignan, Mandelieu, Cannes, Nice and Menton. A great compromise between the exploration of the inland and the exceptional points of view the coast has to offer…