Brigitte Bardot’s dress in "And God created woman"

Published on Tuesday 25 June 2019
A revisited fifties elegance
 Brigitte Bardot’s dress in "And God created woman"

The sun of Saint-Tropez, a mesmerizing dance, Brigitte Bardot’s slender and sensual silhouette… all of these features contributed to the myth of « And God created woman ». Roger Vadim’s movie was shot on the Côte d’Azur from May to July 1956, between Nice, Saint-Tropez, Gassin, La Croix-Valmer and Ramatuelle. At the time, Saint-Tropez was still « an authentic village far from the raging crowd, full of charm, fishermen and southern accents », according to B.B. — the movie later contributed to turning her into a sex-symbol.





She owed this status to her incredible figure, an unforgettable dance session in a nightclub, but also to her simple wardrobe, which sculpts and enhances her curves in the movie… So much that it influenced women from her time, who were many to endorse her famous ballerinas.


In 2019, (almost) nothing has changed. As proof, many brands choose to reinterpret some of the pieces she wore, starting with Crista Seya. Known for its minimalist style, the brand delivers an updated version of Bardot’s buttoned dress, which comes in a wider shirt-inspired style — light enough to make it a perfect choice to brave the Mediterranean heat.



Crista Seya shirt dress, 557 euros.